Follow These 6 Steps

Take Survey

Take Survey. Activate account from your student email confirmation.

Review New Website

Visit your new portfolio website. Replace text & images with your own.

Download University Zip

Download the university zip file. Place in OneDrive. All guides, images, templates are located in Portfolio folder.

Watch Tutorials

Watch Tutorials, write copy and gather images.

Setup New Website

Visit your new portfolio website. Replace text & images with your own.


We take all the guesswork out of web design by providing a basic starter website portfolio based on the common, easy-to-use, WordPress platform. All you do is replace the text and images to create your unique style.

Ready-Made Website TemplatesWe Do It For You!

Free special effect elements, icons, stock photos, accordion and tab menus are built into the platform. Advance to next levels at your own pace. Add as many pages as needed.

Features & Special EffectsParallax, Accordion, Image Sliders and more!

Have an online portfolio ready so presentations with potential employers can begin early.

Responsive DesignAccess anywhere, any time, on any device

A rating system allows you to collect on-going, peer review feedback and star ratings. By the end of the program, the portfolio will be complete with all the highest-rated work, ready for presentation.

Rating SystemPeer-to-Peer Feedback!

You get a ready-made folder structure to drag-n-drop into OneDrive, a detailed user guide for use as a layout template, a ready-made resume template, and a checklist.

What's IncludedTutorials & Guides!

Take the short survey and provide a domain name. Activate account from your student email. Download the user guides, and visit your new website!

Get StartedSimple easy-to-follow-tutorials!

What Are You Waiting For?

Click-n-Get Creative!

High Quality. Stunning Design.

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