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Dedicated Website Portfolios

“4 Students Only”

The ProfilerFx approach is fast, easy, free, flexible, accessable and mobile. It is desgined by a student, 4 students only!

Streamlined Process

A “One Way” Approach

ProfilerFx is a ‘one way’ approach with easy to follow instructions that streamlines the whole process!

Microlearning Moments!


Design Basics

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist," ~ Pablo Picasso

7 Principles of Design
1. Emphasis
2. Balance & Alignment
3. Contrast
4. Repetition
5. Proportion
6. Movement
7. White Space

10 Elements of Design
1. Line
2. Color
3. Shape
4. Space
5. Texture
6. Typography
7. Scale
8. Dominance & Emphasis
9. Balance
10. Harmony



When you register you receive a link to download a user guide that functions as a working document for laying out web pages, writing text and gathering images that will be used to revise the website.

The ready-made template is designed so you only have to replace the copy and images on the website. You have the option to move items around on each page however you should plan a revised arrangement in the PowerPoint prior to making the change on the website. This makes for efficient and easy workflow management.

Workflow Management

Streamline & Efficient

The ProfilerFx approach is to provide you with a recommended workflow guide that can increase efficiency without being overwhelmed with more reading and learning, just doing!

This is a simple 5-step approach that also allows you to obtain peer reviews & feedback automatically.

1. Plan
2. Learn
3. Act
4. Revise
5. Maintain

Image Manipulation

Resolution & Resizing

Image resolution and resizing are the two most common areas where users have problems when creating a website. Placing an image that is too large, too small or is distorted, can ruin the look of a site, if not impact the functionality of the page itself. The end result can leave a user so frustrated that they abandon the site.

ProfilerFx focuses on short, concise training that highlights the key points to remember when choosing quality images. Placing proper size images is a W3C best practice and also allows the page to load faster. Watch the video!

Document Management

Ready-Made Folder Structure

Document management can get out of hand quickly if there is no organization. ProfilerFx has a solution for that and has zipped a whole folder structure in a neat package so you can download, unzip, and drag-n-drop it into place in a cloud repository such as OneDrive or Google Drive. If it is in the cloud then it does not have to be repeated on all the devices owned, e.g. phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. All folders and files can be accessed anytime, from anywhere on any device. Watch the video to register and receive the zip file. It covers 4 years of classes and will also serve as the location where you will store website resource documents, text copy and images for the website.


Navigation & Maintenance

The ProfilerFx approach is to assume that no one has experience with the WordPress platform however many do so this part of the learning material may be familiar to those who have a blog or website. Once again, the information is focused, concise and clear as the method of delivery is a video demonstration of the user interface. How to login, navigate to pages, add text, replace images, add new pages, turning maintenance mode on and off, checking on your portfolio ratings and much more.

Special Fx
Parallax Scrolling

The ProfilerFx approach is all about special Fx! Parallax scrolling is one of the hotest trends in web page special effects.  See this example.

Free Stuff
Student Rates!

The ProfilerFx approach keeps students in mind so most everything that is recommended will be at the student rate … FREE!

Pages & Templates

The ProfilerFx approach is to offer “ready-made” templates for more instant results. The focus is on image quality, typography and basic design.

Dynamic image sliders

Dynamic, interactive and “ready-made” image sliders offer a professional presentation! One click install. You just add the images!

Accordion & Drop Down

Accordian and drop down style tabs are a creative way to show a thought process on how you designed a project or solved a critical problem.

Unlimited PagesEasy To Add, Edit & Remove

A starter website is provided however more pages can be added. Link to popular job boards so you don’t have to re-create your portfolio.
Video Tutorials. Practice Demos.

Fast, Friendly, Free, Fx!