ProfilerFx Online Tutorials

Cloud Folder Structure.

How to drag-n-drop the pre-made folder structure into OneDrive. (3:52)

PowerPoint User Guide.

Using the PowerPoint guide to write copy, gather images, and website layout. (4:22)

Admin Panel Navigation

Navigating the WordPress administration panel to edit and revise pages. (8:39)

Replace Text & Images

How to replace text and images on a web page. How to add rows and text boxes to add more text area. (5:29) coming soon!

Working with Images

The importance of using high resolution images. How to resize images. Where to get free stock images to enhance your webstie. (5:29) coming soon!

8 Elements of Design

Applying design elements to web layouts. (1:55) coming soon!

8 Principles of Design

Applying design principles to web layouts.(2:04) coming soon!

Layout & Wireframing

It’s fun and easy to use if you know the principles of layout and design. Watch the two Design tutorials first to make this process easier. (5:29) coming soon!

Writing Your Resume

The ProfilerFx method of writing a resume is to quantify your experiences, to present your highest value assets to potential employers. (5:29) coming soon!

Website Maintenance

Uploading your portfolio work and maintaining your website. (5:29) coming soon!

Automatic Rating System

When you upload portfolio work your rating system is working for you 24/7, gathering peer feedback and star ratings from 1 to 5. (5:29) coming soon!

Adding Dynamic Elements

Add new pages, elements or templates. Experiment with your website to take it to new levels. Add dynamic sliders or parallax effects. (5:29) coming soon!